My Experience with Las Vegas All Natural Escorts

All Natural Escorts

Truth be told, an encounter with ‘natural escorts in Vegas’ will leave a lasting impression. From her stunning looks to her experience and skills, you will keep yearning for more.

Single and new to Las Vegas, I decided to try hooking up online with a super hot girl. I decided to browse the web for ‘all natural Escorts in Las Vegas‘ and was stunned by the amazing potfolio of the several escorts I found on FLVE. Their website showcased some amazing escorts with curvy bodies to die for, best part most of these girls were natural – exactly what I was after. Of course, I had a difficult time settling for one.

But, before I proceed, let’s talk a bit more about ‘all natural companions’

As the name suggests, this girl is different from most other girls in the city. With all natural escorts in Las Vegas, what you see is what you get, no tricks or false hopes. All her body parts are exactly as she was born. Her looks and figure are all natural, with no artificial implants or enhancements. No facelifts, no breast augmentation, no cosmetic surgery, no Botox injections and certainly no liposuction to lose weight. If you relish real beauty, then you would love to spend time with our girls. They take pride in looking beautiful and natural; they take good care of their bodies; eat healthy foods, exercise regularly to stay fit and sexy.

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Okay, let’s get back to my encounter with all natural beauties in Vegas

In all honesty, the girls I met appeared well groomed with small cute tattoos with seductive eyes. Contrary to the common belief, Las Vegas natural female escorts are very different from your average coke head call girl. They keep their bodies fit and stay off drugs. Of course, the high-standard all natural beauties are carefully selected and taught how to offer maximum pleasure. Every woman in this business speaks at least two languages, has a deep understanding of culture and amazing social skills.

Meeting up with the girl of my dreams

After carefully selecting my fantasy natural escorts, I dialled her number and agreed to meet up with her at a nearby motel. She arrived at our agreed destination on time, dressed in a figure-hugging red dress, and had a colorful wig on, overdone makeup and six-inch stilettos. She looked 2 years younger than on her profile picture. We had a few drinks and got to know each other a little bit more.

She was fun, welcoming and easy to chat with. Indeed, I felt comfortable and excited. We messed a little about my wildest desires as we stared each other in the eyes as if to rip off our clothes on the spot. Safety was a must in her line of work, and she repeatedly emphasized that, I agreed. After an hour we headed to the motel, put on some good music and got down to business. She was such a good teaser who knew her way around a man’s body. Her experience and seductive skills were simply amazing. She was generous and performed mind-blowing techniques on me.

After two hours of pleasure, the fun was suddenly over, the best 2 hours of my adult life. That was the last time I saw her. The best part about Las Vegas Escorts dates is that everything remains confidential and there are no strings attached with the girl. She utterly performs as required and protects your privacy.

Let’s cut to the bone

The number of people open to the idea of hiring escorts is increasing by the day. Getting that hook up with a Las Vegas cutie made me more confident about my own body and lovemaking skills. There are so many things I learned that night that I still practice today.