The Truth about Las Vegas

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The Truth about Las Vegas

If you have never been to Las Vegas, gambled there, taken a thrilling ride on the roller coaster, or walked along the Strip, you may not know the truth about it. Basically, you may know just what you see on movies and TV. But, there is more that you should know about this city. Here are some of the truths that you may not know about Sin City.

It’s Impossible to Walk Everywhere

Hotels in this city are far apart than they seem. The Strip is more than 4 miles long. To move from one hotel to another, you will take about 15 to 30 minutes. Thus, you may take cabs to move around the city. Nevertheless, it’s wise to walk along the Strip at least one. You will find great photo opportunities as well as outdoor elevators and elevated walkways.

You Can Drink While Moving

If you are moving to another restaurant or club but you are yet to finish your drink, you can get a to-go cup. Most establishments in this city will allow you to take drinks outside. You just need to use disposable cups rather than fancy glassware. And, while outside, feel free to imbibe the way you desire because this city allows you to drink almost everywhere.

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No Free Entry into Clubs for Men

To be allowed entry into clubs in this city, men are required to buy bottles or tickets. This happens even when guys are holding a bachelor party. Essentially, you must buy tickets, book a table or bottle service to get into a club.

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Gambling can earn You Free Drinks

There are things that casinos in this city do to keep visitors gambling. One of them is offering the playing customers free drinks. This is the major trick that many casinos use. Other methods include ensuring that there are no windows, no clocks, as well as installing plenty of sound and lighting systems. So, if you want to enjoy free drinks, gamble in casinos.

Art Is Everywhere

Many people go to this city to drink, party, and gamble. However, some people go there to enjoy views of the art that is all over the Strip. You will find sculptures by reputable artists behind check-in desks, on the streets, and in hotel lobbies. Some hotels have galleries where they display collections from different parts of the globe.

People Smoke Everywhere

In this city, people are allowed to smoke even inside casinos. And, if you attempt to counteract this, the casino will use signature scents to cover the smoke’s smell. In nice hotels, the smoke is generally not offensive. However, people that are sensitive to the smoke of cigarette should stay at non-gaming locations.

The Food is Phenomenal

Almost every hotel that you visit serves incredible food. You may not think that this is a foodie city at first. However, once you get into a hotel and order your meal, that’s when you realize how incredible this city is when it comes to food. Major hotels in town serve great seafood. These prepare meat and bake breads in-house.

Generally, Las Vegas is a great city to visit and live. Great establishments in this city make every minute that you spend here memorable.