Tips for Planning a Las Vegas Pool Party

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If you love the idea of relaxing and having fun by the poolside, you may want to throw a pool party for your friends. But, your Las Vegas pool party will be better if you plan it out carefully. Basically, there are many things that you should think about and take care of when planning the party. Here are useful tips for planning your pool party.

Choose the Venue Carefully

The choice of the venue for your pool party should depend on factors like the availability of the pool and the number of people it can accommodate. Also consider the kind of music that you want to listen or dance to during the party. If your party will be more about relaxing than dancing, a local hotel can provide a better venue. However, if you want your guests to dance to great music, choose a venue that has a great music system. Also consider a venue that has a resident DJ to take care of music. Additionally, make sure that the venue has a large pool and space to accommodate all your guests.

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If you are planning a pool party at a club or restaurant, does it have restrictions like age limit? Some establishments where you can throw your friends a pool party allow entry to people that are aged 21 years and above only. That means if some of your friends are aged less than 21 years, they won’t be allowed entry.


Will your guests be required to produce or buy tickets to be allowed entry into your pool party venue? If yes, make sure that your guests know it. Tickets are great because they ensure that only authorized persons attend the party.

Bottle Service

To enjoy a great pool party experience, guests should pay for a bottle service on the day bed, cabana, or couch. This will enable them to have a place for resting and probably a shade from the scorching sun. This is particularly important if you are throwing a pool party at a venue that is not restricted to the invited guests only. The cost of this service depends on the liquor bottles that the attendees choose. Nevertheless, guests must plan for this before heading out to the party.


Most pool party venues open from 11AM to 6PM. However, some open at 10AM and they stay open later after 6PM. Nevertheless, it’s important to let your guests know when the party will start. Also make sure that the DJ arrives and starts playing music early.

Dress Codes

Make sure that your guests know the dress code of your party. Generally, the dress code for pool parties is bathing suit, t-shirt, and sandals. Females that wear bikini should have a t-shirt for wearing at the casino. In adults only pool party no dress code required, adults can enjoy topless pool party.

Check Water Quality

Make sure that the pool water is healthy. Essentially, when you choose the best venue for your pool party, you shouldn’t be worried about water quality.

These are tips that will make your pool party successful. Follow them carefully when planning a Las Vegas pool party.